Alaska Aluminum Siding Painting

Yes, aluminum siding can be re-painted! When re-painting aluminum siding or any surface it’s critical your house painter removes any oily, dirty grime on the surface. Although with aluminum siding there is another factor just as critical. Chalking. If you have aluminum siding that you’re considering having painted, rub your finger across the surface of the aluminum siding . What you will inevitably see on your fingers is deteriorating paint pigment. If it is not removed the paint that is applied over it will not adhere to the aluminum siding properly which will lead to a peeling or flaking paint finish . This chalky substance must be removed prior to any painting. This is done by using a power washing machine or pressure washer and the use of the well known biodegradable product simple green.

Beautifully painted Aluminum siding in Alaska
Looking for a painter? Aluminum siding repaint in South Anchorage.

A pressure washer connects to the exterior spigot of your home with a garden hose. Once the water enters the pressure washer it is pressurized up to 2000-3000 psi.  This high pressure water exits a pressure washer hose and wand through a special tip that fans the water. This fanned water also has the simple green additive which removes the loose pigment, grease, oil and foreign material.  Once all surfaces that are being re-painted have been thoroughly cleaned the house is allowed to dry. With a non-porous surface one might think that drying would be relatively quick however water will lay in the many seams, corner pieces and siding connections. Depending on weather dry times are around two weeks. Once the home is dry any remaining loose paint is sanded and any bare surfaces are covered with primers that are specifically designed for metal. The home is then ready for painting. Now, painting with an exterior grade acrylic latex  paint over a standard oil based paint is always a recipe for paint failure but in this circumstance this axiom does not apply. Unlike standard oil based paints which essentially are always curing thereby causing adhesion problems to latex top coats the solvent based paint on aluminum siding from the factory was fully cured during manufacturing and a high quality exterior grade acrylic latex paint is the very best recipe for a beautiful, durable  and long lasting paint job.

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