Painter helping customer pick house colors.
Customer picking colors.

Why Choose Anchorage Painting and Drywall?

Take a peruse through >our< pictures. Not stock photos like some, but pictures of work we have actually, factually performed. We have a proven track record here in Anchorage and through out Alaska. We are very dependable. And have the expertise to make your interior or exterior painting project look great and durable. We are life long Alaskans and care a great deal about satisfied customers. We work for businesses, organizations and home owners all over the State of Alaska.

We bring the exact same attention and care to all of our customers. At Anchorage Painting and Drywall we treat every job as if it was the most important because we believe that every job is the most important. Anchorage Painting and Drywall is a family run business owned by John Rice, a life long resident of Alaska. That loves working for his neighbors.

Painter painting the exterior of a home

We know that the services provided by our team will result in

the longest lasting finishes in the industry as a result of the care, preparation and quality materials we use. Anchorage Painting and Drywall offers guarantees on all of our work along with free estimates within the state of Alaska.

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