Exterior Painting Company Anchorage

We’ve painted the exteriors of a lot of houses and commercial buildings in Anchorage, Eagle River, Mat-Su and beyond. And there is no substitute for experience. The pictures on this site are of work we have done.  Click here to see some pictures Our painting company loves making our customers happy by providing quality, durable long lasting exterior paint jobs.  If you’re considering having the outside of your home or building painted and you’re trying to choose a painting contractor for your residential or commercial building, Please give us a call. We love making homes and buildings the best looking ones on the block. It’s really amazing what a professionally done exterior paint job can do for a structure. At Anchorage Painting and Drywall, we put an emphasis first on protecting the things that are not being painted like roofs, driveways, sidewalks, decks, exterior lights and plants for examples. We put paint where you want it and not where you don’t. And providing competent, reliable exterior painting services for our customers. We use factory lifetime warranty quality exterior paint. Always two coats not including primer coats. For many homes in Alaska we use a peel bonding primer that goes on milky color and dries almost clear. Peel type bonding primers are A water-based, penetrating, bonding primer/sealer. That is formulated to bond-to and seal. It can reduce the cracking and peeling or the top coat paint by remaining flexible over the life of the paint.” It helps bond old bare wood fibers and existing paint from peeling. After primer we spray a first coat of paint to the body of the home or building and in most cases this first coat of paint is back rolled and brushed to push the paint into the grain of the wood (see example here) for the best adhesion and  uniformity of color and sheen of the paint. Once this coat dries we spray a second coat of paint that creates the most uniform, color consistent, sheen consistent exterior paint job in Anchorage. We can give you the best looking, most durable paint job on your block. Click here to set up a appointment for a free estimate.  Thank you for considering us for your next exterior painting project. When it comes to house painting in Anchorage, the Mat-Su and Alaska we have a proven track record. 

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