Many Alaskans love a stained and varnished appearance on their wood siding or log/timber homes, Unfortunately for many, improper maintenance through the years or the use of inferior products have led to badly stained areas, as well as blistered and peeling areas. No longer adhering to the surfaces they were intended to beautify and protect. Often the only options offered to consumers is to scrape the loose and peeling areas and either prime and paint leaving the failing coats underneath to cause problems or scrape, sand and recoat with a similar stain and varnish product which creates a few different problems. The biggest being that the inferior, failing as well as damaging coating is still on your wood. Any future work is only as good as what is underneath the new work. Another is a difference in color and appearance to those scraped and sanded areas in comparison to the rest of the siding due to the fact that the newly sanded areas take the new stain and varnish differently than the areas that have yet to blister and peel. Another problem is certain woods do not sand well. Sanding on soft wood like cedar, for example, creates uneven divots or low spots.

Half sand blasted cabin
From Dark to Light
Sand blasting with walnut shells
Walnut shell blasting Alaska 2017

Walnut shell blasting is an effective and environmentally friendly way of stripping the old clear coat off. Revealing like new, unfinished wood. Giving an excellent surface for a long-lasting stain, stain, and varnish or a primed and painted finish. While stripping a home is not inexpensive it is cost effective to the overall life of the ultimate finish you decide to apply. Giving the siding the best protection from damage due to weather and time.

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